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Corporate Training Program 企業培訓服務 CORPTRAIN

FevaWorks is the market leader of IT Education in Hong Kong.

From 2002, we have successfully offered more than 500 kinds of course with over 250,000 students.

We have won “The Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS) of the Year Award” since 2008, “The Best IT Training Award” from e-zone and PC3 technology magazine, assures our customers to get the extremely high quality training we provide to them.

With the continued commitment to serve the IT industry, FevaWorks has grown in strength to go one step further to provide effective learning solutions for enterprises and government.

FevaWorks provides courses from most leading vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Unity, H3C, Pearson VUE, Certiport, Prometric, Nextec etc. Besides the desktop application training for computer users, we also provide professional skills and management training for IT professionals.

As a professional IT Training service provider, our mission is to provide the state-of-the-art training to our customers to enhance their workplace efficiency and effectiveness. We offer a large variety of IT training, providing flexible and high-quality learning opportunities to the enterprises to help them achieve and succeed in different aspects of their business. Our comprehensive training courses will help the customers get well-trained and equipped to face their daily challenges.

With over 15 years of experience delivering the expertise and high quality IT skills training, we have developed unique learning solutions that ensure the satisfaction for our customers.


FevaWorks has two training centres which are well-equipped with the best computer systems. Our local and overseas experienced instructors possess the best industry knowledge and comprehensive teaching experience, ensure the excellent learning experience and skills transfer to our customers.


• Onsite Training

• Classroom Training

• Hybrid Training (Online + Instructor-led)

• Tailor-made Training

• Private Tutorial Training

• Seminar / Workshop

• Room and Equipment Rental

• Solutions (


FevaWorks provides not only traditional instructor-led classroom training; we also provide e-learning content to allow companies learning flexibility.

FevaWorks also has skills-development consultancy. We offer a range of services to enable organizations to acquire, develop and manage the skills needed to support their business strategy. Our expertise can make a positive and long-term difference to the benefits which you gain from IT and to the effectiveness of your business. Our solutions are developed using a structured methodology and are implemented using a series of modular services - all of which are designed to deliver fast and impressive business results.


Ms. Ming Chau: 3748 9827



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退款安排: 本中心備有完善之退款政策及程序。學生將會於報讀課程前獲發有關之文件,學員亦可按此閱讀。


本中心備有完善之免費補堂,免費重讀及彈性上課安排 (民航處認可課程/攝影課程除外),令學員更有保障。

本中心榮獲各大國際機構 (Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, H3C, Lenovo, Corel, Prometric, VUE, Certiport, Wacom 等等) 邀請成為香港區指定的認可教育中心及連續15+ 年榮獲香港社會服務聯會嘉許為「商界展關懷」公司,以表揚 Feva Works 對社會的貢獻。

除此之外,Feva Works 更連續 10 年獲 Microsoft 頒發全港最佳 Microsoft 授權培訓中心 (Best Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions of the Year) 及被 Adobe 選定為 Adobe CS4 & CS5 & CS6 & Creative Cloud 指定認可培訓中心。最近,Feva Works 更連續 10 年獲e-zone 電腦雜誌頒發最佳IT培訓中心。

部份課程提供混合模式上課,學生可因應情況選擇以網上方式或面授方式上課。想進一步查詢詳情,可致電熱線 3106 8211。
本中心歡迎各公司、機構或團體包團報讀課程,安排公司活動或同事培訓。想進一步查詢詳情,可致電熱線 3748 9826。
日期 2017/05/07 - 2050/12/31
時間 10:00-22:00 (MON-SUN)
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地點 長沙灣分校 / 網上 Online Live (Microsoft Teams)**
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